Castiglioncelli | Organic Evo Oil Tuscan IGP 2022 0,50L + gift box


Green , clear and balanced. The nose is quite complex and clean, with vegetal notes of herbaceous. the taste is round and finally, in tones reminiscent of the artichoke closing. medium bitterness and this spicy but well balanced.

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Territory and production

Soil medium mixture
Altitude 300m . asl
Exposure north / south
Type uniform slope / flate
N° of plants 7900
Ten days of harvest 1st / 2nd / 3rd
Month of collection november
Harvest manual
Storage 20kg boxes
Pressing the evening of the day of harvest
Type of pressing continuous cycle discs / centrifugation
Preservation steel under nitrogen in an air conditioned room
Average production 3000 kg
Varieties Moraiolo 30 %; Frantoio 65%; Leccino 5 %

Chemical analysis chamber of commerce of Florence

Acidity  0,15
Peroxides ( meq02/kg ): 3.4
K232 1.68
K270 00:12
Tocopherols : 290 mg/kg
Biophenols : 359 mg/kg

Organoleptic analysis

Fruity 3.40
Bitter 2.50
Spicy 3.80


The acidity determines the oil product category; for extra virgin olive oil acidity is, expressed as oleic acid, must be no more than 0.8 gr.
Peroxides indicate the status oil storage with specific reference to the rancidity. The lower the number of peroxides best is the quality of the oil, the value 20 meq.02/kg marks the limit for marketability purposes food.
K values allow to distinguish an oil pressure to an adjusted one, as well as the oxidation state.
Oils industrially produced have a high k value. Tocopherols indicates the content of E vitamin and are an indication of oil quality and act as antioxidants; they also has a great value nutrition. polyphenols works on the taste of the oil and, are antioxidants and have also great nutritional value in human nutrition.