Between Valdarno and Chianti, in an area dedicated to great wines

The Tenuta San Jacopo’s territory is characterized by the typical Chianti’s hills. A commanding position regarding the neighborhood, exactly in-between Valdarno and Sienese Chianti.

Tenuta San Jacopo stands hanging between Valdarno and the first Chianti’s hills, just a few kilometers from Cavriglia and Gaiole.
From here, Firenze, Siena and Arezzo are just 30/35 km far.

In central Tuscany landscape, Valdarno represents a very prestigious area. The closeness to Chianti, its morphologic conformation and its micro-climate, makes it an excellent wine-making area.
The Tenuta San Jacopo’s area is also characterized for its proximity to Chianti, hence, it benefits from this area’s typical morphology, an average altitude, ideal for great wine production and a perfect breeze.

This area, halfway between Valdarno and Chianti, starting from the Middle Ages, begins to take that landscaping that marks it even today. And it was right in the medieval times that this part of Tuscany was the scene of many battles.
Firenze and Siena pledged to fight over the land which will be, many centuries later, one of the most famous wine-making areas.

Next to the villages, parishes and abbeys, castles and strongholds were built, which, in a peace-time, were then turned into villas and residences. Peace brought an agrarian rebirth, capable to enrich the landscape with a new work organization’s witness.
Indeed, the majority of still existing farmhouses and homesteads , come from that period.

Il territorio di Tenuta San Jacopo

The Chianti of Arezzo hills and the DOCG Valdarno

The characteristics of climate, soil and altitude, makes Chianti one of the most important areas in the world for the production of very precious wines and olive oil.
Along with the world famous Chianti classico area, the “Colli Aretini” sub-area is known as an excellent wine-making area, and not only for its great red wines.

The red Chianti of Colli Aretini stands out for its color, ranging from ruby red to garnet red, intensified with aging. The scent is typical of a great character wine, fine and elegant. On the palate, it is balanced, fruity and slightly tannic.

Over time, this wine continues to evolve in an even more refined taste, smooth and velvety.
The Colli Aretini wines are surely of strong character, but yet easy to drink, perfect also for those who prefer a more delicate wine and it is also suitable to be combined with balanced sapidity dishes.