A farmhouse in Chianti, with authentic charm. A story that dates back to the beginning of the ‘700.

An eighteenth-century villa, at the gates of Chianti.
A series of charming colonial houses forming a farmhouse suspended in silence, surrounded by avenues of cypresses, pine trees and farm wineries.

Between Chianti Classico and Valdarno, 130 hectares of vineyards, olive groves and woods. A farm and an agritourism that regain their ancient prestige thanks to the long work of our family that strongly wanted to recreate a welcoming but true atmosphere, still tied to the peasant tradition of this segment of Tuscany.

Tenuta San Jacopo

The estate and the farm create a unique reality. Those who stay here have the certainty of breathing the true atmosphere of a Tuscan farm, but also have the security of all the comforts and privacy desired.
Next to the winery, a step from the vineyards and the wonderful 18th-century Villa.
In a farmhouse that combines comfort and authenticity.

The whole farm has been the subject of a wise restoration, that has been able to maintain the salient features of the old structures while recreating seven apartments equipped with every modern comfort. With special attention to style and decor, that combines contemporary elements and clear signs of the rural tradition.

Our Products

The deep essence of Tenuta San Jacopo:
organic vocation and attention to the noblest of our traditions, the production of wine and olive oil.

The products of Tenuta San Jacopo are born in full respect of the ancient tradition that distinguishes the territory in which the estate is located.
In this place, in the heart of Tuscany, a few kilometers from Chianti,
backdrop of a long agricultural history and custom, still today food excellences like ours are produced: wines, grappa and oil.