Extra Virgin Olive Oil IGP – Organic

Green, clear and balanced. The nose is quite complex and clean, with vegetal
notes of herbaceous plants. The taste is round and fine, with tones reminiscent of the artichoke. Medium bitterness and spiciness well balanced. An harmonious and elegant olive oil.


Soil: medium mixture
Altitude: 300 mt. a.s.l.
Exposure: north/south
Type: uniform slope/flate
Total n° of plants: 7.900
Ten days of harvest: 1st/2nd/3rd
Month of collection: november
Harvest: manual
Storage: 20 kg boxes
Pressing: the evening of the day of harvest
Type of pressing: continuous cycle discs/centrifugation
Preservation: steel under nitrogen in an air conditioned room
Average production: 3.000 kg
Varieties: Moraiolo 30% – Frantoio 65% – Leccino 5%


Acidity determines the category of oil; for extra virgin olive oil the acidity is free, expressed in oleic acid, shall not exceed 0,8 g.
Peroxides indicate the conservation status of the oil with specific reference to the rancidness status.
The lower the number of peroxides, the better the oil quality. The value of 20 meq.02/kg is the limit for marketability for food.
The K values allow to distinguish a pressure oil from an rectified one, as well as for the oxidation state.
Industrial production oils have a high K value.
The tocopherols indicate the vitamin E content, they are oil quality index and act as antioxidants; they also have great nutritional value.

CCIAA and Organoleptic chemical analysis

Acidity: 0.15
Peroxides (meq 02/kg): 3.4
K232: 1.68
K270: 0.12
Tocopherols (mg/kg): 290
Biophenols (mg/kg): 359
Fruity: 3.40
Bitter: 2.50
Spicy: 3.80

Awards and vintages


Resorts Magazine

World’s Best Olive Oils for 2021 – NYIOOC
Gold medal


Japan Olive Oil Competition
Gold medal

AVPA- Paris
Medaille Gourmet

Gran mention-medium fruity


Luxury Packaging Award
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Castiglioncelli


New York International Olive Oil Competition
“Best of Class Organic Blend”


Flos Olei di Marco Oreggia


Citazione su L’extravergine di Marco Oreggia


Citazione su L’extravergine di Marco Oreggia


Trofeo Alma
First place, delicate category