Valdarno di Sopra Day

Amazing attendance for event dedicated to the DOC that aspires to be 100% organic. The wine of Valdarno di Sopra Doc has ancient history, enshrined in the very famous “Notice above [...]

The 2021 Vintage

We started from a mild winter with a few cold days in January, to arrive at very hot days (for the period) at the end of February. The average of 20 °C was reached in the last week of February, [...]

Brand new aging cellar

We are pleased to announce that our new aging cellar is finally open to the public. The project is part of a restructuring and expansion of the production capacity that will allow us to produce [...]

Merano Wine Festival

Merano Wine Festival is one of the most exlusive wine exhibition in Italy, easy reachable from the alps countries such as Austria , Swiss and southern Germany. See you there on Monday 9th [...]

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