The establishment, located in a position dominating the surrounding land, is characterized by fitting magnificently into the environment and is immediately accessible from the Autostrada del Sole motorway and from the Chianti Classico area, which is bordered by the municipality of Cavriglia. 

At a distance of 45 km from Florence, 39 km from Arezzo and bordering on the provinces of the same name, Cavriglia is located in the Valdarno Superiore, or the Upper Val d’Arno, on the ridge which divides the Arno valley from the Chianti region.

A settlement of Roman origins, in the Middle Ages it was for a long time under the dominion of the Ricasoli Firidolfi family.
The municipality of Cavriglia was founded in March 1809, incorporating the “peoples” oF Montaio, Montegonzi, Castelnuovo and Meleto, which previously had been part of the Avane League.


The villages, the castles and the churches have been marked by the history of the powerful city-states which dominated them for centuries; moving symbols of architecture encountered while wandering among the hills which intersect in a succession of colors and differing images.

This is a region which has aged along with its wine, often with substantial variations, but with similar origins, as can be sensed from the characteristics of the fields, in the same way as the rows of vineyards are aligned.
A wide area which includes all of central Tuscany, from the Florentine hills to those of Pisa and Arezzo, linked by the production of “Italian Wine” is known as Chianti.

Different and often contrasting stories are repeated, which in the past produced challenges to power and interminable wars, but nevertheless have defined a region and a culture.
The rivalry of noble families, who invited the best artists of the period to stay with them in order to surpass one another also in the cultural arena, has left the taste of beauty.


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